Syndicated Research Services

Have you always wanted to understand the bigger picture of what's going on in the market? Do you want to keep a track of the industry's latest developments in a cost-effective manner?

If your answer is a yes, why not opt for SIDSOFT syndicated research, as it is a good way to shape your company's long-term strategies. With our extensive experience in consumer research and consultation, we can guide you on where your consumers have been, and where they are headed for in the future.

What is Syndicated Research?

Syndicated research is used to pick up important base-line information about the market size and target market composition for a new product. You can keep a track of the changes occurring in the market and stay ahead in the competitive Marketplace. Syndicated research also contains in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior, perceptions, and attitudes related to key industries. Such extensive research offers a comprehensive outlook that emphasizes the purchase process and purchase decisions.

Our Syndicated Research Services

From surveys, to purchase panels and scanner diary panels, we offer an entire range of syndicated research services:

  1. Surveys
    Surveys are conducted at regular intervals to get an insight into market segmentation, the effectiveness of advertising and the selection of an advertising theme. Surveys are the most flexible way to obtain data, and accumulate information on the underlying motives of target markets.
  2. Purchase Panels
    Purchase panels are used to forecast sales, market shares and trends. The outputs also help to establish consumer profiles, brand loyalty and analyze brand switching. Purchase panels evaluate test markets, advertising and distribution. They provide specific information regularly over an extended period of time. The respondents are asked to record specific behavior as and when they occur.
  3. Media Panels
    An media panel is an electronic devise that automatically records behavior and is supplemented by a diary. Media panels assist in establishing advertising rates, selecting the media program or airtime and establishing viewer profiles.
  4. Scanner Volume Tracking Data
    In the scanner panel each household member is given an ID card that can be read by the electronic scanner at the cash register. Scanner panel members are identified by this ID card allowing each member's purchases to be stored against their identity.

    This type of syndicated research helps price tracking and effectiveness of in-store modeling. In this type of service, household purchases are recorded through electronic scanners in supermarkets. The gathered data reflects the actual purchases and provides timely data. This method is less expensive to carry out.

  5. Scanner Diary Panels with Cable TV
    This is a more advanced use of scanning, combining scanner panels with new technologies emerging out of the cable TV industry. With the help of such technology, the researcher can conduct fairly controlled experiments in a relatively natural environment. This helps with new product testing, promotional analysis and product positioning. This comprises of the scanner panels of households that subscribe to cable TV. The data collected reflects actual purchases and gives the ability to link this panel data to household characteristics.
  6. Audit Services
    Audit services measure consumer sales, market shares, competitive activity, analyze distribution patterns and track new products. It verifies product movement by examining the physical records or performing inventory analysis. It produces relatively precise information at the retail and wholesale levels.
  7. Industrial Product Syndicated Services
    This service determines the market potential by geographic area and allocates advertising budget and defining sales territories. Industrial product syndicated services are characterized by data banks on industrial establishments that are created through the direct inquiries of companies, clipping services and corporate reports. This lends an important source of information in industrial firms, particularly useful in the initial phases of the project.

Why Choose SIDSOFT for Syndicated Research Services?

We, at SIDSOFT, can be referred to as a syndicated source as we gather and sell common pools of data designed to serve information needs that could be shared by a number of customers. The data collected is not in accordance with an individual client's marketing research problems however, it can be personalized to fit particular needs. For example, reports can be organized on the basis of the customer's product lines and sales territories. Syndicated research always works out to be more economical than collecting primary data.

The figure below presents a classification of syndicated sources. As you can see, they can be classified based on household/consumer data that may be obtained through surveys, purchase and media panels or electronic scanner services. These surveys generate information rich in values, lifestyles, advertising evaluation, and even general information related to the preference, purchase, consumption and other aspects of consumer behavior. The panels target information on purchases or media consumption. The electronic scanner services provide scanner data (linked to panels or linked to panels and cable TV).


Transform Your Business with SIDSOFT Syndicated Research Services :

The need for up-to-date and accurate information is integral. This is driven not only by a proactive desire to use better intellect to gain a market share, but as a defense against new competition and the need for compliance in a highly regulated business environment.

Our syndicated research services are different from the rest, as we have the capability to track specific industry developments, in a particular domain; for example, new product launches, executive moves, the adoption of emerging technologies, the market share and rankings. Our customized syndicated research services can help you address your exact requirements.

Apart from syndicated research services, we can provide you with any other type of research service. As our partner, you can be assured of a hassle free experience.

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