Cost-effective customer relationship management software development solutions

Implementing an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) solution in your organization can boost productivity of your sales team and customer support team significantly and give you an insight into the customer care and sales process. Many small businesses still rely on Excel sheets to manage customer data, which tends to be highly disorganized. Deploying CRM software can turn out to be extremely expensive for small or medium sized companies; however, open source CRM solutions can help you achieve better customer relations cost-effectively.

SIDSOFT can build customized CRM solution for your company. After understanding your exact requirements our team evaluates the various open source CRM tools available on the web and identifies the one that suits your requirements the best. We then add additional features, customize the interface and functionalities, create user profiles and give you a packaged solution that can be put to use immediately.

Advantages of implementing an open source CRM software solution:

  • Enhanced customer experience with the company through total process clarity and faster transactions
  • Efficient management of customer data, past purchase patterns and preferences
  • Complete administrative control over the CRM process with system transparency
  • Better insight into the sales team productivity
  • Automated alerts, emails, and reminders so that no critical calls are missed or delayed
  • Intuitive futures and customization options especially designed for the sales or customer care personnel
  • Easy market trends analysis
  • SaaS CRM applications could be used from multiple locations and in multiple languages
  • Flexibility and scalability to meet the growing needs of your organization

SIDSOFT's CRM solution development services:

End-to-end CRM application development: With expertise in custom software development we can create a feature-rich CRM application for your organization. Our team has experience of building CRM applications for BPOs and corporates.

Open source CRM solution development: Based on your requirements we can identify the best open source solution for you and then configure and customize it for your needs. Our team has expertise in creating many CRM solutions using SugarCRM.

CRM solution customization: If you have already implemented a CRM solution and you want to customize it for your company's specific needs, then we can help. Our technical know-how in multiple operating systems, programming languages, application servers, and database management systems helps us in creating tailored solutions.

CRM application upgrade and maintenance: If you want to upgrade to a newer version or another CRM application, our team can enable easy transition without any loss of data and productivity. We will build the upgrade and test it before implementing it on your system to minimize downtime.

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