Claim Mangement

Medical claims management

Medical claims management is the organization, billing, filing, updating and processing of medical claims related to patient diagnoses, treatments and medications. Because maintaining patient records, interacting with health insurance agencies and issuing invoices for medical services are time consuming responsibilities, some hospitals and medical facilities those tasks to medical claims management firms. Without effective medical claims management, patients wouldn't know what they owe and medical facilities wouldn't receive the funds due for patient services.


When patients receive medical treatments, charges for the claim services are coded and processed by doctors and administrative staff. They are then sent to health insurance agencies for coverage determinations. Medical claims management services process electronic and hard-copy data to determine what patients owe and what costs insurance companies cover. They process billing and send invoices to patients and insurance agencies to ensure they pay their respective portions of the expenses. In some cases, Medicare, Medicaid and state-sponsored agencies also pay some of the medical expenses.


Medical claims management employees are responsible for maintaining and updating patient medical histories, making changes in medical codes, as well as reporting exams and laboratory results. They also are responsible for collecting, reporting and storing patient information. Most record-keeping is done with software programs that allow medical claims workers to quickly and accurately enter and save patient and billing data. Because some patients relocate, visit multiple medical facilities, have complex health insurance coverage policies and require follow-up care, medical claims management is necessary to keep track of all medical visits, treatments and expenses

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Health Claims Management (HCM) provides medical case management services, medical claims review, negotiations, reviews of medical necessity and recovery of overpayments.

Benefits of Claims Processing Software Services to SIDSOFT

  • Cost-effective and professional services
  • Skilled, experienced and highly qualified team of software professionals
  • HIPAA compliant processes
  • Stringent quality control processes
  • Quick turnaround time


Claims Management System is one of the most complete, robust systems on the market today. Our system handles all lines of insurance. Whether it’s Worker’s Compensation, with all of it’s state reporting requirements, Property & Casualty, Auto Liability, or General Liability, Claims from all lines are managed by our system. When the claim type for a new claim is entered into our system, the subsequent screens are customized to capture the necessary information unique to that claim type