Financial Research Services

When researching your firm's standing in a competitive marketplace, the most telling metrics are often financial. The most successful financial service providers realize that they need to constantly improve results for their clients. With limited time resources, what will you do next to ensure that you exceed client's expectations? SIDSOFT can show you how we raise the bar for the quality of Indian financial research services while also saving you both time and money.

Asset managers and financial services companies should always be searching for new ways to improve their research. SIDSOFT can provide a timely and fresh research perspective to financial institutions and mutual fund managers, helping them stay in touch with the most important indicators of success and opportunity in their field, by using cutting-edge techniques; such as, quantitative analysis, technical analysis and more.

Your financial research services to SIDSOFT is a winning and cost-effective strategy that will also provide you with exceptional international expertise.

Financial Research Services Provided by SIDSOFT

We offer a full range of financial research services by using the latest techniques and technologies in the field of research. Our services are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive data in your industry. Our services include:

  • Equity Research - We offer comprehensive equity research in investment targets, including possible opportunities that will benefit your clients
  • Credit Research - By evaluating credit opportunities, risks, and the possible threats to potential investments, we can help your firm take informed decisions about how to move forward with your business plans
  • Retail Brokerage Research - We offer a number of retail brokerage research services to help you better understand the opportunities presented by your competitors, and how they might affect the needs of your customers
  • Derivatives Offshoring - Whether you are interested in offshoring derivatives for the investments made on the behalf of your company's clients, or for the assets held by your firm, we can help you find the best opportunities based on the current market conditions
  • Commodities Research - We can provide research services for commodities, both as an investment and analysis of investment opportunities
  • Retail Risk Analytics - We offer in-depth research of the retail risks presented to companies in which your firm is currently or soon going to invest in
  • Private Wealth Management - We offer comprehensive private wealth management services as well as support for companies that offer such services to their clients
  • Fundamental Analytics - We can provide a full featured analytics service based on fundamental indicators for you and your competitors

Financial Research Services Provided by SIDSOFT

Which pricing arrangement do you prefer? SIDSOFT can help you decide which of the following arrangements makes the most sense for you:

  • FTE (full-time equivalent)
  • Individual project basis
  • Fixed number of hours
  • Customized scheduling and pricing

Our professional and advanced approach to Indian financial research services includes two commitments that are designed to make life easier for you. First, we will appoint a research assistant to work with you for all assignments. As a result, you will have one point of contact. Second, we promise to always respond to your requests in a prompt fashion. You should expect nothing less when split-second decisions are often hanging in the balance.

Know more about of pricing. When would you like to get started?

Invest in SIDSOFT : Qualitative Financial Research Services

We use advanced techniques to better understand the functioning of the market, and prepare in-depth company profiles of investment targets and sector analysis, both for your market and the potential growing markets. We can also brief packs with pitch books and provide analyst commentary with a full overview of an in-depth topic, so your firm can make important decisions with ease.

We will take vital data points from within potential investments and provide data that will help you make key decisions for your firm. From in-depth quantitative research of your competitor's finances to an overview of the market health in a given field, we can offer you with the expert services that you're looking for.

Whether you want to know how to process financial research to India or have any other financial research requirements, contact the experts of SIDSOFT today to learn more about what we can do for you.