Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has not only changed the way we consume entertainment, but also the way we conduct business. Mobile Application development is a field that organizations are banking on very seriously, as with its vast reach and easy access; this is a technology that no one can afford to ignore. At SIDSOFT, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the mobile app development domain; our services are diverse and support development on all major platforms.

Mobile App Development Solutions - Our Key Services

iPhone App Development

iPhone is one of the most popular phones across the world, and the apps on it are just as popular as these sleek devices. Our developers specialize in developing apps for iPhone, iPhone 6.0 SDK, iPad, and iPod touch. These apps can be commercial, free or in-house apps. Some of our capabilities in the custom mobile application development area are:

  • Enterprise Apps
  • Facebook / Twitter Integrations
  • Ad Integrations
  • Photo Galleries
  • Timer and Countdown
  • SQL lite DB Integrations
  • Audio / video streaming
  • Blog Integrations
  • Business Apps
  • Consumer Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Big Data and App Analytics

Android App Development

Mobile Application Development in India has seen a surge in business ever since Android came into the picture. With more and more users opting for this reliable operating system, the usage and demand for Android apps has also sky-rocketed. Using Java and Android Framework we have developed numerous apps for:

  • SQL-Lite integration
  • Game development
  • Blog and website integrations
  • Social networking applications
  • Audio video streaming
  • Gaming apps
  • Google Maps, GPS integration
  • Web Services & RSS feeds Integration
  • Push notifications
  • Business apps
  • Consumer apps

There are several Android mobile application development companies around, but what gives SIDSOFT an edge is the capability to develop apps that are fast, responsive, feature-rich, and extremely easy-to-use.

Windows Mobile App Development

At SIDSOFT, we offer end-to-end solutions for Windows mobile application development.

Our Services Platforms We Leverage
  • Mobile web development
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Mobile software development
  • Mobile porting
  • Mobile software maintenance
  • Mobile migration
  • Windows mobile SDK
  • Mobile VB (App Fargo)
  • Pocket PC phone edition
  • Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Latest Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

J2ME Mobile App Development

Sun's version of Java: Java 2 Micro Edition or J2ME is used in development of apps for smaller devices like PDAs, cell phone and consumer electronics. Our Mobile Application Development services include mobile application development, mobile game development, wireless applications, GPS based applications, location based service, and application porting. We have developed apps for:

  • Mobile Payment System-Mobile Catalogs
  • Mobile Based Survey Systems
  • Mobile Multimedia Content Development and Delivery
  • Utility Applications with Bluetooth / WAP / GPRS Connectivity
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Time and Material Tracking
  • Field Services-asset Tracking
  • Game Development

Palm WebOS

Palm WebOS is the next generation operating system. Backed with extremely fast user interface and a master in multi-tasking, WebOs presents the power of a Windows operating system through a simple browser. At SIDSOFT, we develop apps using popular web technologies and languages for:

  • Social Networks
  • Website Integrations
  • Camera-based Application
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Gaming Applications

Mobile Site Development

SIDSOFT is more than a Mobile Application Development company - we also offer mobile website development services to build m-sites that run on smartphones, PDAs and cell phones with ease. Our job is to identify various mobile browsers and then develop responsive websites that are supported on most of the browsers and screen resolutions. Additionally, we analyze all the important and necessary content from the existing website that needs to be rewritten ensuring mobile browser compatibility.

Apart from all the services listed above, we offer a complete package of real time integrations, aesthetic UI, expert problem solving capabilities, dedicated resources, customized apps, and integrations with existing systems. With all these services being offered at one place, mobile application development to SIDSOFT is a worthy deal.

End-to-end Development Solutions for Popular Mobile Applications

SIDSOFT's mobile application development team has over 20 years of experience in developing testing and implementing mobile apps for various platforms. We have expertise in database handling, data mining, dashboard with analytics and comprehensive reporting, and deliver -

  • SaaS Enabled Applications
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Web 2.0 Portals
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Business Applications
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Custom Application Development
  • Re-engineering & Maintenance
  • Offshore Remote Infrastructure
  • Application Support
  • Desktop Software
  • Dashboards with Analytics
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Whether you are looking for multimedia and entertainment applications or need complex enterprise and business solutions, the mobile and PDA applications developers at SIDSOFT have the capability to develop full-scale mobile applications with complex modules. SIDSOFT is a leading software services company that offers a range of mobile application solutions, including:

  • Porting applications across different mobile platforms
  • Location-based services for mobile devices
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Embedded mobile application development
  • Integration of mobile solutions to Enterprise systems
  • Design and development of multimedia and entertainment mobile applications
  • Banking and financial mobile application development
  • Video and audio applications for mobile devices
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • IP solutions for mobile devices
  • Mobile Payment Solution

Read how we developed customized and user-friendly iPhone app in Arabic to facilitate online payments in the real-time, and ensured quick and seamless migration of the client's website to the mobile app without any downtime.

Mobile Application Development to SIDSOFT

Mobile cellular services have different throughput and latency performance characteristics that vary as the user travels from one place to another. Moreover, mobile device processors, form factors, graphical interfaces, operating systems and development environments vary widely. We understand the challenges faced while mobile app development, and have the expertise to overcome them. We know what it takes to create a powerful and flexible mobile app.

At SIDSOFT, we cater to an audience with diverse needs by developing highly customized mobile apps using the latest technology, in any desired mobile platform or global language at highly competitive rates.

By your mobile application development to SIDSOFT you get high quality creative services at affordable costs and promised turnaround time.