Enterprise Mobility Solutions From SIDSOFT

SIDSOFT, a pioneer  has been providing technology-driven services to a large number of global customers. At SIDSOFT, we have experience in providing high-quality enterprise mobility solutions. SIDSOFT  for professional enterprise mobile solutions. Latest mobile devices such as, personal digital assistants (PDA), handheld PCs and smart phones amongst others play an important role in the way businesses are carried out. At SIDSOFT we can enable your customers to easily access service application from their mobile devices. Apart from your customer, even your sales professionals can easily access significant customer information on the move. Enterprise mobile solutions can help your organization make deliveries from anywhere, easily access important data at anytime and increase the productivity of your employees.

Why Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Enterprise mobile solutions from SIDSOFT can help you address several issues, such as, creating a strong and highly secured architecture, incorporating data with enterprise resources, building intelligent applications, device-agnostic applications and assessing technology options. At SIDSOFT, we have years of experience and expertise in providing domain expertise mobility solutions to global customers. With our extensive knowledge in mobile technology and pervasive computing, we can provide your organization with the best strategy, design and implementation. When we provide enterprise mobility solutions, we follow the principles of mobile usability, compliant architecture and developing solutions based on related inquiry of requirements. Enterprise mobility solutions to SIDSOFT can help you ensure a flawless and secure access to your applications.

Benefits of enterprise mobility solutions From SIDSOFT

At SIDSOFT, we can effectively combine the right device, right network and right application design to provide your organization with the perfect mobility solution that would be successful. Our experienced team can ensure a successful mobile implementation. Enterprise mobility solutions from SIDSOFT can help you ensure that enterprise applications will be accessible to your organization  anywhere, anytime basis. This would result in an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Your organization can also benefit from reduced response time. Enterprise mobility solutions can also help you protect your organization's technology investments.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions at SIDSOFT

  • Enabling Enterprise Intranet
    At SIDSOFT, we can effectively enable CRM, SCM and ERP on a mobile platform.
  • Creating mobile data synchronization
    We can effectively maintain transaction and data reliability in a dispersed environment. Our team can also efficiently optimize information exchange that is based on the reliability and bandwidth of the connection.
  • Developing Mobile Technology Migration
    Our skilled team can efficiently perform migration from older legacy systems and proprietary solutions into newer versions which use the latest in technology.
  • Managing Mobile Devices
    At SIDSOFT, we can competently conduct an in-depth evaluation and then implement mobile device management solutions that can support various devices in different operating systems. These mobile devices can be used for asset management, recovery, backup, security and software distribution amongst others.
  • Developing Mobile Applications
    We can develop and organize mobile applications of high-quality. We can then integrate these mobile applications with enterprise systems.
  • Formulating Mobile Strategies
    Our team can efficiently define mobile architecture and formulate the best mobile strategy for your organization.
  • Designing Mobile Infrastructure
    Our experienced team can design efficient wireless network solutions by using technologies such as Wi-Fi/802.11x, GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT and CDPD. We can ensure performance, availability and security. Our team can also assess the different products.

 Enterprise Mobility Solutions From SIDSOFT

Enterprise mobility solutions to SIDSOFT and benefit from an increase in ROI, efficiency, accessibility, response-time, productivity, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.