Equity Research Services

Equity research refers to the process of closely following particular sectors or industries and collecting valuable information for traders, brokers, customers, sales staff, and the public. At SIDSOFT, we provide authoritative and unbiased equity analysis and opinions for global players. With SIDSOFT equity research services, your investment firm can take a stand and focus your efforts on client relationships or investment strategies.

Our Equity Research and Analysis Services

Our equity research team can conduct extensive research on the different aspects that affect equity returns; such as, Exchange Rates, Macroeconomics Factors or the Industrial Structure. We can help companies with following equity research services:

  • Financial Modelling
  • DCF Analysis
  • WACC Analysis
  • Earnings forecast
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Company Background Profile
  • Company Research
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • Segment Analysis
  • IPO Analysis

Our Equity Research Services Can Help Your Business

We have a deep understanding of the different types of industries and firms that need equity research services. Ably supported by our equity analysts, this consequentially helps to turn our insights into action. We offer businesses with both buy-side and sell-side equity research services. Buy-side analysts and Portfolio Managers can benefit to a large extent with our insights. Financial advisors and clients can use our detailed equity research in their business dialogues and negotiations.

Our equity research analysts put in extra effort to provide a point of view on the fundamental business characteristics of any firm. Our analysts are also experienced in offering valuable reviews on the competence of the market price and the potential of price appreciation in the near and distant future.

The Equity Research Metrics used at SIDSOFT

Our team of equity analysts conducts reviews and cross-checks many factors while developing equity research reports. Some of those are listed below:

  • A systematic approach to fact gathering and due diligence
  • Using standard methodologies for valuation and applying them to facts
  • In-depth understanding of the company, its business, financial condition, and the earnings capacity
  • Scrutiny of sales and expenses in the income statement
  • Analysis of the cash and non-cash components
  • Usage of tools to evaluate the cash flow, quality of investments, earnings, and balance sheets
  • Scrutiny of issuer characteristics like accounting policies, pattern of financial filings, disclosure, and accessibility
  • Analysis of issue characteristics like seasoning, trading volume, volatility, dilution, inside ownership and insider buying and selling

We Have the Best Equity Research Team

The SIDSOFT equity research team consists of a diverse group of professionals experienced in the finance and accounting services industry, especially in Equity research, Private equity, Hedge Fund and Investment Banking. Our equity analysts possess outstanding quantitative and organizational skills and have a fierce interest and knowledge of the stock market.

SIDSOFT recruits equity analysts who have a demonstrated record of academic, professional, and personal achievement; and professionals who understand the need to think quickly on their feet and work independently. These qualities are inherent in our equity research professionals, who gladly put their ability to test constantly. Our equity analysts have the required experience and skill sets to create financial models and valuation analyses, write industry reports and make investment recommendations.. If the need arises, our equity research analysts can meet company management teams, and interview company customers, suppliers, and competitors to get more information for a complete and detailed report.

Our entire global equity research team members possess Bachelors degrees in business administration, statistics or finance and accounting which have solidified their knowledge of corporate cash flows, accounting policies and procedures and financial reporting. In addition, some of our analysts also possess an MBA degree or a certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Why Choose SIDSOFT for Equity Research Services

  • Use of proprietary valuation tools
  • Experienced and skilled team of equity research analysts
  • Valuation goes beyond the accepted norms to provide better reports
  • We incorporate live market data into all the levels of our analysis
  • Reports on numbers, analyses and recommendations
  • Data security: high levels of security at the hardware/software level
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly reports, depending on your choice
  • Cost savings up to 40-50%

Contact us for equity research services today, and give your company the well-deserved competitive advantage.