Financial Modeling Services

We are the industry experts offering financial modeling solutions to companies around the world as a part of our wide range of financial support service offerings. We are the industry leaders when it comes to leveraging financial modeling software, and are providing customized solutions to your specific needs. We continue to efficiently support our clients with financial modeling in India and abroad by extensively collaborating with various players within our company, as well as investors and external consultants.

Our experts are highly qualified and have vast experience across a vast range of business segments. We have made a name for ourselves globally by developing robust financial models to help our clients identify the current state of their business, key issues, as well as in-depth forecasts.

Financial Modeling - In a Nutshell

Financial modeling is basically a process by which business develops a financial profile of various aspects of its operations and security. It is a summary of various events within a business, and expert recommendations based on that information. It is an ideal way to analyze the health of a company, find alternatives, and take preventive actions.

Effective financial models are often developed with the use of software as well as good old fashioned hard work. This process helps to identify potential issues that may arise, and put on risk the present and future state of your company's finances, and profitability which is essential for investors and consultants to take critical decisions.

Popular Industry-specific Financial Models

We have executed financial modeling in India and other parts of the world, successfully for the following:

  • Corporate financial modeling
  • Real estate financial modeling
  • Accounting financial modeling
  • Investment banking financial modeling

How Can We Help?

Partnering with us for financial modeling in India will help you ascertain various aspects that dictate the success of your business. Some of the information that we can help with is:

  • Analyzing cost, economic, and industry scenarios that impact business cash flow sales and profit
  • Identifying the total working capital requirement, and ways to improve the cash flow
  • Identifying the total working capital requirement, and ways to improve the cash flow
  • Ascertain budgetary requirements and future business plans
  • Cash flow analysis and cash flow forecasting
  • Understanding most and least profitable business and product segments
  • Business valuation
  • Forecast business target and allocate resources to meet the target
  • Balance sheet preparation and Mergers & Acquisitions

Why Invest in SIDSOFT for Financial Modeling?

SIDSOFT has a proven team of experts which is capable to provide customized financial models to meet your specific needs. Partnering with us enables you to access industry expertise and financial modeling software to achieve your company's goals. Further, your business will also have access to a virtual financial assistant that will provide real-time support during the course of the project.

You will be allocated a project manager dedicated to your project exclusively. No matter what industry or country that you hail from, we have skilled professionals that can work with you. Unbeatable prices, quick turnaround, and confidentiality are other lucrative reasons to invest in SIDSOFT for financial modeling.

Get the SIDSOFT Advantage

SIDSOFT has the infrastructure and financial experts to meet your specific requirements. By partnering with us, you will get instant access to industry experts and modelling software to achieve your desired business goals. We have a team of financial experts comprising chartered accountants, statisticians, MBAs, and PhDs having prior experience with leading accounting and finance corporations. Our financial and technical talent will work consistently and diligently to meet the individual requirements of your organization.

So why not take advantage of our industry experts and low costs? Why not SIDSOFT?

With financial modelling to us and we will provide you with an accurate financial analysis of your business. Call us today and get an accurate business evaluation done at short turnaround time!