Types of Claim Management

1.Accident Claim Process

If you’ve recently suffered an accident, the most important thing you need to do is seek medical attention. Your health is top priority. Do not even think about your compensation claim until your doctor confirms that you are well enough.As soon as you’re in the clear, you should speak to a qualified personal injury specialist about your claim.

2.Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence, formerly known as 'medical negligence', is the process by which a patient takes his or her medical attendants to a civil court for compensation. It is not about professional conduct or terms of service.

3.Serious Accident

If you’re involved in a serious car accident which is someone else’s fault, for example, and lose one or both of your legs, then it’s going to have a massive effect upon every area of your life. Not only will it be a huge psychological hurdle to get over, but it will also mean having to adapt things like the place in which you live, how you travel about and what you do for a living. Indeed, a serious injury of this kind may make it impossible for you to continue earning a living, or might greatly reduce the amount you can bring in.

4.Sport Injury Claims

Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities. They can result from acute trauma, or from overuse of a particular body part.