Search Engine Analysis

SIDSOFT provides online market research services for our customers that include surveys, data analysis, and the collection of available information. Our team has the experience necessary to create, execute, and analyze online surveys that identify key trends, catalysts, and information you need to know. We use a patented methodology to analyze the existing data and information from both online and offline sources.

SIDSOFT experience, process, and team make it one of the leading online market research firms. We offer a full suite of online market research and survey services. We conduct email, web based, and telephone surveys. In addition to conducting the survey, we also provide a host of data analysis services to our clients. The results are all presented in a clear, yet thorough format. Contact SIDSOFT today to see how our team can help you.

Web Survey Analysis

Our web survey and analysis services provide a complete solution to our clients. We design, develop, and host web based surveys. We also conduct surveys via telephone and email. Our approach is customized based on client needs. We offer support for primary data collection based on client requirements. We offer data entry, data cleaning, data validation, and data tabulation services. After we have collected the data, our team's expertise in analysis comes into play. They apply their expert backgrounds in statistical analysis, regression, and other areas. All this helps provides you the results you need to better manage your business.

Data Collection Techniques

SIDSOFT uses technology to improve data collection and that leads to better results for our clients.

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI)
  • Ongoing surveys if you need frequent market updates
  • Customized survey research based on the best approach for your needs
  • Results are 100% verifiable

Why should I trust SIDSOFT with Web Survey Analysis?

SIDSOFT has worked since its start to build trust with its partners and clients. We have a team of professionals with 87% of our people either holding engineering or a post-graduate degree in a science and another 11% holding MBA/CPA degree. We realize doing business over distances presents challenges. We have pioneered approaches to offer quality service to bridge this distance. In addition, we structure the payments terms and deliverables to reduce risks and make our clients comfortable.

Search Engine Analysis  Services to SIDSOFT

Our team of professionals can help give your business the information it needs through our online market research services. We have the experience to conduct the research and create surveys that give your business the edge over the competition. Go through our entire list of research solutions, and contact us by filling up the inquiry form. Our client engagement team can contact you within 24 hours.