Litigation Support Services

This is where we step in as a facilitator to provide you with an efficient and organized management of your legal documents. You can concentrate on strategic activities that drive your business and we will support you by providing the critical information that you require for your litigation support.

The model for support in managing legal documents has worked well for most legal firms. Also, India has proven to be a profitable and beneficial destination for litigation services. At SIDSOFT Technologies, we provide fast litigation support services that can ensure that your time is saved; your legal information is accurately stored, easily accessed and efficiently retrieved.

What does SIDSOFT Technologies offer?

From data mining to data extraction we do everything which will make sure that you have information at a click.

  1. Indexing and organizing: Your documents are put in order. This facilitates easy search
  2. Objective Coding: Information is extracted to create a searchable database
  3. Subjective Coding: Documents are carefully analyzed and summarized
  4. Document Scanning and Processing: Individual document pages are converted into images
  5. Unitization and Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Documents are converted into image files in unitization and OCR helps efficient electronic data discovery

We also provide litigation consulting services where our qualified professionals analyze your information and give you valuable insights.

What are the benefits of Litigation Services to SIDSOFT Technologies?

  • The bottom line of your business can increase with over 60% of cost savings
  • Guaranteed accuracy levels of 99.5%
  • You can completely do away with the physical search for documents
  • Your work gets done faster, better and you can concentrate on your core competencies

Litigation Support Services

  • We carry a proven track record of experience in serving the litigation support requirements of law firms for a global clientele
  • We have a well defined litigation support process which can proficiently handle huge amount of data with negligible chances of errors
  • You can access your legal information online
  • Our experts are capable of extracting relevant information from unorganized documents in different formats
  • Our experts are available 24/7 and this ensures quick turnaround time
  • We assign a professional litigation team and a project manager who will manage your project

Apprehensive about sharing your information with us? We guarantee that your privacy is our priority and our infrastructure and personnel are committed towards providing you with a secure experience. We understand the sensitivity of sharing legal documents and we take extra care in making access and data sharing secure.

All our employees are required to sign non disclosure agreements with us and we encourage our customers also to sign the same with us. Through the years we have earned the goodwill of being a trusted destination and we are committed to uphold this reputation.