Scope Of Computerisation In Milk unions

Throughout the world industry has undergone large scale revolution in production technology during the last few years.Old production machinery replaced by automatic machines.many process of production has been monitored and automated using the emerging technology of microprocessor based equipments and computer results-increase the efficiency.The new production technology has been the general trend towards large scale production.Among the agro based industries,milk processing industry is one of the largest industry in india in terms oftransaction and processing.

Voluminious data generated by different functional areas of each of the milk unions.These are processed for day-to-day decision making and control.IT has a very big role on this.This realisation has come in the milk unions for not only fast processing data but also for better decision making.the need for information sharing is also being felt among the factories for their comparative performance analysis.The computerisation for transaction processing and factory automation has already been initiated in some factories to overcome the problems like

  • Need for improving yield.
  • Storage of data.
  • Increased wages of labour.
  • Monitoring and controlling of production process etc.

Objectives Of Computerisation Of Milk Union

  1. Ensures availability of milk during all season by helping in better planning procurement and control.
  2. Helps in achieving customers satisfication with improved servicrs.
  3. Contends to reduce cost of operation and manual labour.
  4. Helps in maximisation of overall profits.
  5. Better management of men,machines,materials and money.
  6. Maximise accountability,accuracy and effective decision making.
  7. To develop software on an native language(kannada)for effective utilization.

Benefits Of Computerisation

  1. Vendors are more satisfied lot especially due to prompt payments and overall improved services in terms of reconcillation.
  2. Time consuming and tedious manual jobs can be accomplished in no time.
  3. Correct weighment of milk at gate through better weigh-Bridge control utilities.
  4. Comprehensive preventive maintenance program for plant,along with complete facility for monitoring production status.
  5. Complete handling of fiscal related matters be it loans,sales or financial accounting issues or marketing,administration and procurement/input.
  6. Handling of all subject related with materials management so that overstocking of materials can be chequeed.
  7. Facility to handle all human resources related matters and helps in providing overall improved management information services etc.
  8. Automated cheque-in and chech-out of each employee maintenance.
  9. Hands on consolidated information for the top management for effective decision making.

The points discussed above may provide the basic frame work for system analysis,design and strategy for computerisation of milk unions.It will also help us in selecting the appropriate application software and hardware platform uniformly across the unit which is desired in order to implement Information Technology network in milk unions.