Library Management

The Library system is proposed to provide a friendly atmosphere to the librarians in having an efficient library management in place. The books tagged with RFID labels are used for automated circulation (self check-out and check-in), EAS(Electronic Article Surveillance), stock taking and searching of the books. The patron identification and access rights are also controlled by the RFID system.


  • Fully transparent stock control on all available books and Medias in the library.
  • The Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) feature offers a secure stock control system to ensure no books get “lost”. This feature is especially important for rare books or unique books, which should not get lost because of their value.
  • Due to the fact that RFID-labels can be identified (read) very easily (without line of sight, over a certain distance, several books simultaneously), the so-called self-check-out system can be used and this will save manpower and increases the attractiveness of the library.
  • Because the RFID-Library offers a fully controlled and categorized library stock, the
  • Number of similar books can be reduced because the turn-around time of each book can be shortened drastically.
  • RFID-label stores data of the book and its system status that gives the possibility to
  • check the book without the database.
  • Though, that there is quite some cost savings possible, if and once all implementations are in place and fully in use, our RFID solution in a library however, can do and bring much more for the users (member and library attendant) because of its unique and additional features.
1.Library Management for Universities
2.Library Management for Colleges
3.Library Management for Digital Libraries
4.Library Management for Academics