Child Custody Tracking

In today’s scenario, parents of young school going children are more concerned (than ever before) about the safety and security of their child since the time they leave the home for the school and till the time they come back to their home after school, Moreover any initiative & investment done by the school authorities towards the safe transportation of the students is always considered as an expense by the parents since they are not involved in the entire process and are not benefited by the features of the services directly. To overcome this scenario we have proposed a Model for Student Attendance cum identification System for schools named as: “R4”. 4r stands for Read | Record | Report | Real Time which assures that every transactions will be Read, Recorded, Reported & at Real Time. Our 4r model for schools is unique due to its ability to provide real time tracking of the students travelling in the school bus. This system is not just about tracking; it also Records and Reports the events (Like Pickup from home, drop at school, pickup from School or drop at home) in real time over GPRS enabling online monitoring by school administration. The 4r for Schools also sends SMS to the parents keeping them constantly updated about the whereabouts of their ward. This system consists of two types of operations:

Bus Events:

  • Pickup From Home
  • Drop at School
  • Pickup from School
  • Drop at Home


  • Attendance – IN
  • Attendance – OUT


  • The 4r system for school provides real time web and SMS based alerts to update parents and school authorities about the current location of their student. This system in turn provides schools with the visibility in terms of the number of children picked or dropped and the exact time of the pick-up and drops.
  • School authorities & Parents have real time visibility of the child as well as the school vehicle.
  • Real time tracking and reporting allows the school authorities to view a log of pick up and drop.
  • Ensures traceability and helps in fixing undisputed accountability in case of any
  • Eventuality
  • Provides an increased perception of security yet reducing the total cost of security
  • Lower man power cost due to automaton
  • Improved time management
  • Possibility of easy and prompt system maintenance
  • Instant retrieval of records
  • Extensive MIS reports at no extra cost